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The Problem Solving and Sustainable Decision Skills Consultancy
Consultancy, Courses and Coaching
We help organisations and individuals how to think, not what to think.
Because everybody benefits from better decisions.

InterroBang is the Decision Education Foundation volunteer of the year 2020.


Volunteer of the Year 2020

We Work with


With over two decades experience and research  in Social Science, Visual Arts, Sustainability and Business, InterroBang is ideally placed to help businesses, communities, organisations and individuals to develop creative sustainable solutions for their specific needs.

Do you need a consultant, a coach or a course?

We design solutions according to our clients needs. What problem do you need to solve?


All our solutions are underpinned with theories and processes which we have researched and developed. Some of these processes are unique to InterroBang having been developed through our independent research.


Better sustainable decisions strengthen your business.


  • Problem solving & decision skills motivate staff

  • Help inter-departmental communication

  • Improve the bottom line

  • Build customer loyalty

  • Avoid silo mindsets

  • Enhance brand identity

  • Increase staff retention



Better sustainable decisions empower communities.


  • Problem solving & decision skills increase community participation

  • Build relationships

  • Minimise conflict

  • Improve buy-in of solutions

  • Foster local empowerment

  • Reduce anti-social behaviour

  • Combat disadvantage


Better sustainable decisions help students be more successful.


  • Problem solving & decision skills improve grades

  • Support better education choices

  • Help resist peer pressure

  • Develop long-term thinking

  • Build effective study habits

  • Encourage deeper independent learning

  • Promote reflection & argument.


Better sustainable decisions build better futures.


  • Problem solving & decision skills grow confidence

  • Combat imposter syndrome

  • Navigate personal bias

  • Strengthen relationships

  • Open opportunities

  • Encourage creativity

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Foster success


Contact US

Whether you are navigating uncharted waters or are lost in a Minoan labyrinth we can help you learn the skills to analyse

complex problems, develop sustainable solutions to reach your goals.

InterroBang Limited, Duleek, Co. Meath, Ireland A92TD82

Call us, we'd love to hear from you.


Thanks for getting in touch!

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Design Thinking

in action

Sometimes a problem will present many solutions undermining our decision confidence.

An effective Design Process will help you walk through the right door.

Our website is an exercise in Design Thinking. This is the latest iteration (2022.04.22)

We are prototyping it with you, the user in mind and will continue to develop it based on your feedback.

What do you like?      What can we do better?

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