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Hugh McElveen

Founder and Director

Hugh is an educator, coach and consultant with over 20 years experience.


In 2019 he founded InterroBang to bring problem solving and sustainable decision skills (PSSDS) to all sectors of society, from corporations to local organisations and individuals. With a strong multi-disciplinary education and broad experience (see below) Hugh brings a wide range of perspectives to a variety of PSSDS strategies.

Hugh is a proven communicator as a speaker and author. He will be presenting his most recent book chapter ‘Transformations: Digital Technology and Art in an Urban Environment’, written for the Sorbonne, at an international conference in Novi Sad, Serbia. His book ‘Connemara: Legend and Landscape’ was selected for Irish book week 2010.


Outside of applied thinking, his other interests include, science fiction, visual sociology, cultural criticism and American murder ballads.  To unwind Hugh relaxes with his family, plays music and is currently building a 4-string slide guitar. After a long gap he has restarted practising Asian brush work. Recently he went back to his biotech roots as a home baker and brewer.



Education and Experience

Hugh holds, a Masters in Visual and Critical Studies (Dublin Institute of Technology) and a MicroMasters in Design Thinking (Rochester Institute of Technology). In addition he completed post-graduate qualifications in Higher Education (Middlesex University), Business Studies (University College Dublin) and certification in Coaching for Educators’ (Middlesex University). Hugh has also completed coaching certification from Graydin U.K. and decision coaching with the Decision Education Foundation.

His career has been similarly varied working as a biotechnologist, commercial photographer, fine art & photography lecturer, author, cultural researcher, music teacher, visual sociologist and consultant to multinational clients training both their staff and customers.


Most recently, he was the program chair for a Middle Eastern humanities department where he lectured in critical thinking, sustainability,

inter-cultural studies, leadership and communication while managing a busy faculty.

While in the Middle East Hugh extensively researched PSSDS and used them to develop programs to help students achieve higher GPAs while reducing  student dropout.

Education and Experience
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